Klottrup, Juliet. Gape. 2014, Acrylic on canvas. Brighton.

Workaholic. Diehard romantic. Illustration student. Juliet Klottrup sits sipping her piping hot black coffee, staring yonder in the soft morning light. Breaking the brooding pained artist vibe she grins and raises her eyebrows in three quick successions.


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
I’ve been living here since 2013. I adore that Brighton oozes wandering creatives, musing, making and searching for something or someone. 



Can you briefly elaborate on your creative process, mediums used etc?
I have sketchbooks full of words and ideas. MMedium choice is always dictated by the idea and concept; it keeps evolving, but more recently I’ve been playing with video, photography and paint.
I try to upload a photo/image of work a day on my instagram/tumblr, so I have something that is fresh and constant that I can draw upon.


Klottrup, Juliet. Indirectly Passing Book. 2014, Print. Brighton.


Any current/future projects you can share with us? Aspirations?
Romance, the awkward agonising turmoil kind.
There is a video in there to be made …very soon.


Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes
2. Archival footage of angry teen punks in the 80’s
3. The Sopranos Season Six
4. Christmas trees in skips
5. Saul Williams ‘She’ poems


Klottrup, Juliet. Home. 2014. Photographed Installation. Brighton.
Klottrup, Juliet. Gape. 2014, Acrylic on canvas. Brighton.
Klottrup, Juliet. Breastfeeding Medical Handbook. 2014. Print. London.

(above video) Klottrup, Juliet. The Fear. 2014. Video. Brighton.


Current guilty pleasure/s:
Aldi’s ‘Everyday Essentials’ Porridge Oats; 75p of pure uncertainty and perfect packaging.


Obv, the greatest creator of all time is…
Quentin Tarantino, director of Pulp Fiction, because of the way he tells stories in aesthetics and gestures. His films would be just as good without any words.

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