Arthur-Banes, Ollie. Kitler:Mutler. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Portsmouth.

Ollie Arthur-Banes is an emerging illustrator and printmaker.
He recently graduated and is now studying in Brighton for an MA in Sequential Design/Illustration, while trying to find his feet as an artist and forge a creative career.


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
I recently started studying in Brighton; I’m commuting at the moment, but hoping to move down here when the right opportunity arises (I need money – Masters are expensive)!
Brighton is such a buzzing creative place and there is still a lot I need to explore, but I think the Unlimited print shop is rad and The Office pub is tasty, they sell so many different types of gin and they’re all incredible. Great live music too!


Arthur-Banes, Ollie. Kim Jong-Il Invented the Hamburger. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Portsmouth.


Can you briefly elaborate on your creative process, mediums used etc?
I’m interested in satire and dark humour and illustrating subjects I find strange and absurd.
Love everything retro, particularly old packaging and advertisements; it’s interesting seeing things that come from a time with a different set of values and rules.
I enjoy large format screen printing, experimenting with colour combinations and repetition and I hope to incorporate more mixed media in upcoming projects.


Arthur-Banes, Ollie. Reinterpreting Rumplestiltskin. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Brighton.


Any current/future projects you can share with us? Aspirations?
I’m currently looking at how we’re affected by advertising and other media messages, but the project is very much in the research phase; got some ideas in the pipeline though so watch this space!


Arthur-Banes, Ollie. Kitler:Mutler. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Portsmouth.


Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. FAILE Brooklyn Art Collective.
2. Old cigarette packaging and advertising, particularly Camel.
3. The illustrator Ralph Steadman.
4. The Grand Budapest Hotel. The film has the most inspiring colour palette.
5. Eye magazine issue 87 on food and drink packaging.


Arthur-Banes, Ollie. Approved Hairstyles Of North Korea. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Portsmouth.
Arthur-Banes, Ollie.Kim’s Joy Division. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Portsmouth.
Arthur-Banes, Ollie. Stalin Erased His Friends From History. 2014. Silkscreen Print. Portsmouth.


Current guilty pleasure:
I just bought a suede jacket. I feel bad for the cow.


Obv, the greatest creative of all time is…
Andy Warhol, because he was funny and he found beauty in the mundane. His views on mass marketing and celebrity culture were a game changer, and the way he used colour was genius. It’s hard to choose one artist, but he’s always inspired me.

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