Evans, Joe. Red. 2014. Hand-drawn:digital handmade book collaboration with Sally Willow. Eastbourne.

Joe Evans is an illustrator, animator and tutor currently studying an MA in Sequential Design/Illustration at Brighton. 


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
I moved to Brighton from the Midlands four years ago, looking for creative goings on. And I found them!
I love how alive Brighton is, especially culturally, and how all that aliveness is squeezed between the South Downs and the sea. Also, pubs.


Can you briefly elaborate on your creative process, mediums used etc? 
I draw with pen on paper before everything gets digital with lots of scanning and editing in Photoshop.
If it’s animation there’s the added step of taking everything into After Effects and making it move, sometimes by magic.


(above video) Mathieson, Amy (dir). 1 Way Up: The Story of Peckham BMX trailer. 2014. Feature documentary trailer with hand-drawn animation sequences by Joe Evans. London.


Any current/future projects you can share with us? Aspirations?
My MA project involves telling the story of Victorian-era animators and the impact of emerging cinema on animation. It’ll involve making some optical toys and three short graphic novels. It’s a story of innovation, envy, back-stabbing and actual murder. Which sounds like lots of fun to me.
I’m also collaborating with my girlfriend (who’s studying an MA in Creative & Critical Writing) creating a series of handmade books exploring the relationship between words and images in storytelling, often using fairy tales as a starting point. 


Evans, Joe. Wolf Wood. 2012. Hand-drawn:digital print. Evolution Arts, Brighton.


Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. The Great Painting Challenge. It’s like a nasty version of Watercolour Challenge. I love it.
2. Grimes. Listening to her a lot at the moment. Completely hypnotic.
3. Victorian/Edwardian cinema. Especially ‘The Big Swallow
4. Wandering through the woods and across the top of the Downs to the sea.
5. Doing an MA. Really diverse, individual projects happening on my course and it’s great having a partner who’s doing an MA at the same time.


Evans, Joe. Get It On. 2014. Hand-drawn:digital record sleeve. Secret 7″ Exhibition, Mother London.
Evans, Joe. The Anteater That Didn’t. 2014. Hand-drawn:digital illustration for book by Greg Allum. Brighton.


Current guilty pleasure/s:
I’ve been trying out all the hot chocolates in all the places. Have you had the one where you have to dunk the cube of chocolate on a stick into the hot milk? 


Evans, Joe. Red. 2014. Hand-drawn:digital handmade book collaboration with Sally Willow. Eastbourne.


Obv, the greatest creative of all time is…
oh, I guess it’s a toss-up between Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.
I’ve tossed the coin and holy shit it’s turned out to be David Bowie. So there we go.
I guess it’s because his instantly identifiable personas were a kind of living popular art and something to do with all that ambiguity.

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