Mannion, Sophie. 2014. Suede, flecked wool and polyester. Brighton.

Sophie Mannion is a fashion and accessories designer who creates bold, colourful clothing combining unusual fabrics and textures.


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
I studied in Brighton and love the village feel of the city; it’s just full of great little cafes and markets, perfect for wandering aimlessly around.


How did you develop your interest in fashion design?
I’ve always been interested in design. Being totally honest I only decided to study fashion design at the last minute and mainly just because it was the subject I found the easiest and enjoyed the most!


Mannion, Sophie. 2014. Suede, sherling and plastic. Brighton.


How would you describe your designs and style?
I enjoy designing fun, youthful clothing. I always start out with aspirations of creating something very cool and minimal, but tend to get a bit over excited when it comes to choosing fabric and usually end up with something a bit OTT.


Mannion, Sophie. 2014. Flecked polyester, silk satin and jersey. Brighton.


Can you briefly elaborate on your design process, mediums used etc?
I really enjoy the research process – hitting the library and finding interesting source material; from there I’ll just start playing around with shapes in 3D and converting these into designs. I love sitting down surrounded by a stack of inspiring images and drawing out loads of designs.


Mannion, Sophie. 2014. Flecked polyester, springbok and leather. Brighton.


Five fashion designers that inspire you:
1. Raf Simons
2. Building Block
3. Phoebe Philo
4. Jacquemus
5. Freya Dalsjo


Mannion, Sophie. 2014. Cotton Twill, springbok, suede and flecked wool. Brighton.


Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. Universal Isaac plant pots
2. Woodwood Bo shoes
3. The World of Charles and Ray Eames exhibition at the Barbican
4. Justin Bieber’s new album
5. This green flecky jumper I saw in Cos the other day


Any upcoming projects?
I’ve just started a new job, so I’m busy with that at the moment, but I’m itching to start making some of my own stuff!

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