Tully, Layla. Bella, Beau, Bonita. 2013. Embroidery on metal chair. Detail. OZU, Italy.

Layla Tully is an Inclusive Artist who collaborates with various local, national and international organisations to facilitate discussion and expression through participatory and educatory projects. Layla’s practise incorporates performance, installation, text and photography to make collections of moments, thoughts and dreams that give us glimpses into the worlds and experiences of others.


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
I moved to Brighton to do the Masters in Inclusive Arts at the University of Brighton and because I always wanted to live by the sea. Since then I’ve been making artwork, mess and tea with wondrous people like Rocket Artists, the Art and Law Network and Distant Animals.


Can you briefly elaborate on your creative process, mediums used etc?
My creative process feels like unwrapping a huge pass the parcel. When I start, I’m not sure what it is I’m going to find out or what it will look like, but I’ll know when I have got to the centre. Sometimes I worry I’ll unwrap the last layer and it’ll be full of shit. But I keep going.


Tully, Layla. Survive in the wild. 2013. Sculptural object from installation. Match box, matches, foil, grass. Brighton.


Any current/future projects you can share with us? Aspirations?
I have just written a Fluxus-style score for washing up, ’31 Wash-Up Games’. I found washing up was getting in the way of my art making so I made the dishes the artwork. Also, on the 11th of April, The Rocket Artists (a group of learning disabled artists who have exhibited at the Tate and internationally) are launching their new Blue Room studio sessions at the Phoenix. There are still spaces for new learning disabled artists to join – so please do get in touch.


Tully, Layla. 31 Wash-Up Games. 2016. Performance score on textured paper. Brighton.


Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. The washing up (feels quite sad and quite 50’s!).
2. Walking off the concrete.
3. Artists I am working with at the Blue Room.
4. Weaving and painting onto household objects and furniture.
5. Things left after the storm.


Tully, Layla. Rights Room. 2015. Participatory work. Skittles, wine glasses, chalk on chalkboard, Poshca pen on black card. Brighton.
Tully, Layla. Rights Room. 2015. Participatory work. Skittles, wine glasses, chalk on chalkboard, Poshca pen on black card. Brighton.


Current guilty pleasure/s:
Cashews dipped in honey.


Obv, the greatest designer/illustrator/artist of all time is…
my granny Ada, because she ate ice cream everyday and didn’t let society define who she was or rewrite her story.

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