Lamb, Amy. 2015. Mixed media. Brighton.

Amy Lamb is a multidisciplinary designer and recent graduate of Brighton University.  Her final collection Norden saw success at Graduate Fashion Week 2015, when it was shortlisted for the awards show, and she has since gone on to study an MA in Fashion at Kingston University.


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
Brighton is my home away from home. When I was younger, my family and I would visit the city often, so moving there as part of my BA studies was no problem. There’s a friendly vibe in Brighton which is difficult to find elsewhere in the UK, and it’s a lovely mix of historical and new.


How did you develop your interest in fashion design?
My interest has been established through a love for product design, research and illustration. At school I was much more keen on making furniture than sewing, but when my teachers arranged a visit to Graduate Fashion Week I tagged along regardless.
The show I saw is largely a blur now, but I know one particular menswear collection still stands out in my mind. That brief moment sparked something in my head, and after many more years of study, here we are today.


Lamb, Amy. 2015. PVC coated cotton. Brighton.


How would you describe your designs and style?
My designs and style are a celebration of old and new. I enjoy researching historical processes, art movements, textiles etc. and bringing them into contemporary silhouettes as a means of modernising them.


Lamb, Amy. 2015. Wool, PVC coated cotton and faux suede cord. Brighton.


Can you briefly elaborate on your design process, mediums used etc?
My process always begins with thorough research. This is carried out through many an hour in the library, trips to museums and galleries, general observations even.
Once I feel I’ve got a solid foundation to design from I then begin to experiment in 2D and 3D with textile swatches and sketches. I try to stay open minded, which can lead to mistakes, but that’s never a bad thing. The journey is often more significant and enjoyable than the outcome itself, in my opinion.


Lamb, Amy. 2015. Mixed wools and cottons. Brighton.


Five fashion designers that inspire you:
1. Aitor Throup
2. Sruli Recht
3. Christopher Raeburn
4. Marimekko
5. Altewaisaome


Lamb, Amy. 2015. Mixed wools and PVC coated cotton. Brighton.


Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. Folk music and metal
2. The Industrial Revolution
3. Scandinavian interior and product design
4. Landscape photography
5. Japanese manga


Any upcoming projects?
I’m currently studying a Masters in Fashion at Kingston University. It’s a large but rewarding jump from the mind-set of a BA course, with many more debates and interrogation of design overall. On the side I illustrate, write and dabble in a bit of comic work, which for now remains a personal project of sorts.

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