Izy Kali is a artist from Slovenia and got her name from Kali, the hindu goddess of death, time and empowerment. Her work is chaotic, hyper colourful and unapologetically in-your-face, it celebrates sex-positive feminism, self-expression and girly-ness as a super power, arguing there is no one way to be a woman. She is obsessed with people and their creativity in altering themselves with make-up, tattooing, costume etc.


What’s your connection to Brighton and what do you dig about the city?
I graduated from the illustration course in Brighton. I love Brighton. It’s filled to the brim full of absolute weirdos and wonderful creatives.




Can you briefly elaborate on your creative process,  mediums used etc?
I really don’t have a creative process, plus it always changes. Mediums-wise my favourite to use is Photoshop and for hand painted things I use wall paint tester pots I nick from B&Q.

Current projects you’re working on? Aspirations?

I am currently living in Malaysia, so I am in the process of starting a new set of paintings, where I incorporate the beautiful traditional ornamental and pattern designs of the local Buddhist, Hindu and Baba Nyonya religious spaces into my work.
Westernisation here is a problem and I want to attempt to make a reminder that it is not necessary to look to the West when thinking about modernity and being current.




Five things inspiring you/your work right now:
1. Colourful fish in a sea of tuna. Badass, self-loving, fashion ladies. Weirdos who get stared at in the streets. Those are my favourite.
2. LGBTQ, POC and animal rights.
3. You Are Listening to New York or You Are Listening to Deep Thought.
4. Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void.
5. The sexiest slo jams mix ever.


Current guilty pleasure:
House MD on TV on repeat with no sleep.



Obv, the greatest artist of all time is…
In terms of graphic design, David Rudnick is amazing; especially his stuff for Evian Christ. It is the most metal graphic design I have ever come across.
Also check out Joe Lunec Photography, illustrations by Emma Farrant and the mind blowing psychedelic works of Joey Baker.

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